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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Booking Games


The Gift Box Booking Game is a great way to intrigue your Guests. It’s fun and unintimidating for you to present. Always remember, to keep it simple. Be creative with things that you have on hand.

How to Play:
Place boxes on a tray set up in the pattern below. Tell your Guests, that “Everyone wins with lia sophia. I am holding a special tray of gifts, one for each of you. Anyone interested in playing not only gets all the benefits of being a Hostess when I come do a show in your home you also will win a special prize inside the box.”

Wrap your gift boxes in some type of pretty paper.
Place a “free gift” in five boxes.
Place a $15 certificate sticker in five boxes.
The $15 certificate is their $15 Thank you gift for booking a Show.
The free gifts should be items from your supply section and not cost over a total of $5.


This fun and simple booking gift is a great way to encourage Guest participation. The Hostess will have two ribbons tied to her wrist with a gift attached to one ribbon. The Hostess must have two bookings to release the gift to her. (Use a collector item.)

Here’s how to play:

Wrap a small box in gift wrap and tie with ribbon around the wrist of the Hostess.

Make sure to leave two lengths of ribbon hanging from her wrist.

Announce to the Guests, “I’ve just placed a gift on our Hostess’ wrist. It is a gift I know she really wants. It has two long ribbons, this simply means when two of you have said yes to booking a show tonight to be held within thirty days, the Hostess can then pull the two ribbons and open her gift. I know at least two of you want to help our Hostess.”

Usually they will want the Hostess to have her gift so her friends will volunteer.

The two Guests who book can then pull the ribbons for the Hostess to open her gift.


Rings are a favorite among Guests. This game really draws attention to all the beautiful rings lia sophia has to offer. Watch your sales increase by playing this game!

Here’s how to play:

Pass out blank sheets of paper and ask each Guest to draw their hand.

From the ring page in our catalog, ask them to write the codes and names of their favorite rings on each finger.

In an envelope, you will need small slips of paper with the names and codes of every ring in the current catalog.

Draw one slip at a time and call that name and number.

Every Guest who has that ring on her drawn hand will cross that finger off.

The first Guest to cross off all five fingers wins your prize.


Ask your Hostess before she sends back her Guest List to put a star next to the 3 people she thinks would most likely book a Show. On their invitations print the following note:

“Winner...your invitation has been selected to win $25 in FREE jewelry.
Bring this card to the show and ask how!”

When those ladies get to the show, tell them about all the benefits of having a Show including the extra $25 bonus from their postcard!

This game can also work in the opposite direction to get guests at the party. Put stars on two invitations and tell the hostess you will give her a $5 gift certificate for each star she finds; (don't tell her how many there are!). This way you know she will be calling all of her guests and talking about the party.


Wrap gifts up nicely... make them look irresistible. Put on the front of each gift a special date card. Have 3 dates written on the card for the next 3 dates you want to work. Tell your Guests that in addition to all the Hostess awards, and bonus items, they will receive the gift inside your box as a special incentive from booking one of your special dates. Inside the boxes should be 3 nice gifts, staggered in value. The nicest gift going to the date that is the closest. This is a great tool for people who want to have calendar control.

Keep Away

Give one of the guests a small silk jewelry bag to hold and tell the group that they needed to listen carefully through the presentation for a specific word, like ‘jewelry’. The first person to shout out the word gets to take the bag and hold onto it until the next time the word is said. The person holding the bag at the end of the presentation gets to keep it, and the prize inside.

20 Questions

To begin, hand out one playing card to each guest. Tell them not to look at their cards until the end. Then, for each question that they can think of to ask about lia sophia, the jewelry, the booking incentives, anything, give them another card. For every question about becoming an advisor, give them two cards. At the end, the person with the most cards gets a prize. Each guest can look through their cards and find the lowest number. This is the amount that they will pay for their hostess thank-you gift if they have a show. If you have a group who are familiar with lia sophia, it can be played in the opposite direction, with you asking them questions and quizzing the guests. This works well when the guests are familiar with you, or have been to one of your previous shows. Another twist could be, when a guest asks a question, put it up for grabs to the crowd. If another guest can answer the question they both get cards.

Double Dice Game

Go around the room and have each guest introduce themselves and give a fact. It can be the basic- how you know the hostess, or something fun like- your favorite tv show of all time or the first concert they ever attended. Be creative! After they introduce themselves they get to roll two dice. If anyone rolls doubles they get to select a prize. Make sure you keep track of the number each guest rolls, this will be what they pay for their thank-you gift if they host a party.

Tin Toss Game

Since lia sophia's logo is "Share the love of jewelry", I bought some heart shaped tins from Wal-Mart in their Valentine's section. You can also use Easter Eggs to relate to the opportunity and your nest egg. (I plan to switch between the 2 throughout the year.) In each tin I put a Hershey kiss, a raffle ticket, and a slip of paper with a word or phrase related to my business. I have chosen to use Lia Sophia, Guarantee, Sale, Returns and Exchanges, 8300, Trip, Opportunity, Rhodium, Actual Size, Quality, Hostess, and Dice Price. I put the tins in a pretty basket lined with fabric to make a nice display. When I put them in the basket, I make sure I know which ones have lia sophia, hostess and dice price in them, because I want them to come out at certain times.

After I introduce myself and thank the hostess, I toss the first tin to someone. This tin always has lia sophia in it. This usually catches the ladies off guard. I ask the woman to open the tin and tell everyone what is inside. As she shows the kiss I tell them that is a little something to you from me. Then when she shows the raffle ticket, I tell them I have prizes, and don't want to take them home. If I have something really good I will go on about how nice the prizes are, and tell them they really want what I have. It just gets them excited. Finally she pulls out the slip of paper and reads it. I then tell how long the company has been around, when we re-launched, and what our name used to be.

I then ask who wants one of my tins and toss it to someone. If no one says they do, I toss it to someone anyway. This usually gets the ladies laughing. The next 9 tins are completely random. The ladies know they are supposed to read the slip of paper, and that I will explain something about it. Of course if someone has been to one of my shows before, I will have them explain the slip just to change things up.

The last 2 tins are Hostess and Dice Price. I toss the Hostess tin to someone, they read the slip, and I then have the hostess come forward. As I explain the hostess benefits, I stack her with boxes! This is a very powerful visual! People are very impressed with the amount of stuff you get for being a hostess. After stacking her, I then toss out the last tin, which is Dice Price. I use this to explain that by booking a show they can get any item in the catalog under $100 for the price they rolled on the dice earlier. This is when I give the hostess her Thank You Gift. (I have them roll 3 dice when I greet them and give them a catalog. However, I don't tell them what it is for until the last tin is out.)

After the last tin is finished, I collect the tins back into the basket and raffle off my prizes. This then concludes my portion of the show.

Basically, I use this as a method to control the show, and cover all of the important points without using too much time. I cover sales, recruiting, and booking all in the same game.

BTW if you are wondering what 8300 is, it was the number of active people selling lia sophia in the country at the end of December. This was put out in a press release around the end of Dec.

Thread Introductions

This is a great way for your guests to introduce themselves to the others.
Once you have begun your party, tell everybody that you are going to pass around a spool of thread and that they are to take a piece "as long as they think they will need". They will begin asking ... "need for what etc." You smile and say, oh it could be for anything, just take a piece as long as you think you will need, and pass the spool. Of course they might think well whoever comes closest to going around their waist etc. Or if they see their closest neighbor sitting to them takes a real short piece, they will take a real long piece. After everybody has taken their thread, you tear off a piece and wrap it once around your finger and hold telling them they have to do the same and they have to talk about themselves for as long as it takes to wind the rest of the thread around their finger. Start by telling them about yourself and your business (so take a longer piece) It can get wild if somebody has taken yards of thread!

Interactive Presentation Game

As with any activity, you have to determine if this would suit the group you are working with. This activity does not use equipment, so it is easy to do on the spur of the moment.
I introduce the activity by telling the guests that I need their help. I teach them actions or sounds to make when I say key words in my presentation. These are rather silly, of course, but this encourages guests to listen for key words. Choose only about five actions or sounds so it does not get too complicated or long.

For example:
"14kt gold", they say "oooo"
"jeweller" - they say "bing bong" (the sound of the door bell when the jeweller arrives)
"hostess" - they applaud or say "thank you!"
when they recognize a hosting benefit, they say "aahhhh"
"Swarovski crystal" - they are to shade their eyes (from the brilliance of the stones!)
"Moose Jaw" (the home of Fifth Avenue Collection), they put their fingers on top of their heads to represent moose horns.
"bonus gift" - "whoopee"
"book a show" - touch the side of their head and say "hmmm"

This can be easily adapted for your presentation.

The Banana Game

Just write on your invitation, "BRING A BANANA". The curiosity kills everyone and it is a great attendance builder. They all want to know what the banana is for. Your hostess must keep the secret to make the game fun. At the party everyone's imagination got the best of them. You have them there, which is what you wanted and the purpose of the game.
You play a points game. Give out chips, cards, money, raffle tickets, whatever you use and the top points wins the prize. You can make it a bigger prize with a booking from the winner. Give points for whatever you want. Biggest, smallest, brownest, greenest, hardest, softest, etc. When all is done, your hostess serves ice cream/toppings and everyone makes a banana split as the refreshments. Increases attendance and good for laughs.
For a winter game, skip the ice cream, and the winner can win the bag of bananas.


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